Power Washing

Every surface is different. While some power washing companies use only high pressure cleaning, Bestway Services CT. utilizes both low and high pressure washing. More delicate materials such as wood or vinyl siding, pool decks, and mortar on brick or rock can be damaged by using high pressure. That is why Bestway Services CT. uses low pressure or “Soft Wash” to ensure no damage is done to your property. Our truck and trailer mounted pressure washers can adjust the amount of pressure we use, to make sure every job is done right.

Low pressure washing is very effective when the right cleaning solutions are utilized. All of our pressure washers are capable of using hot or cold water. When cleaning mold, mildew, and algae from houses, driveways, and pool decks etc. the use of hot water helps to get the job done with impressive results, while using low pressure. Seeing is believing, so call us today for a free quote, and spot demonstration.